7 Reasons we LOVE a music festival

More people than ever before are going to music festivals but why are they so popular?  Here’s why we think you should love a music festival.


Is it too obvious to say the music?  If you are a music fan and who isn’t? a music festival really delivers.   It’s a chance to see multiple acts and particularly at a tribute festival they are going to be bands that you might not get to see in real life, plus they will be playing the biggest hit songs.


We love a sing-a-long, whether it’s The Sound of Music on TV or Three Lions at an England game. But why is that?  Psychological studies show that when we sing in a large crowd we experience a sense of euphoria, called a ‘collective effervescence’ that comes from feeling socially connected through a shared experience.

Making Memories

Sharing experiences with friends and family is the gift that keeps on giving.  The anticipation, the planning and then sharing something together where you are completely in the moment is priceless and it doesn’t end, you have the photos memories and stories to tell.


Let’s face it the past couple of years have been a bit ‘Social Light’, attending a music festival gives you a chance to socialise, not just with friends and family but there’s chats with the people next to you, at the bar and the loos.  Everybody is there to have a good time and you share in that happy upbeat atmosphere.

Dressing Up

Where else can you put flowers in your hair, team wellies with everything, sport a hat, a kaftan, a bikini or anything in between, add a bit of glitter and no-one bats an eyelid!

Enjoy The Weather

Of course we all picture being at a festival with blue skies, not a cloud in sight, a soft breeze and brilliant sunshine but wait this is England! We Brits don’t let the weather stop us. Festival is the only time we are happy perhaps even celebrating dancing in the rain.

Food and Drink

You’ve got great music, you are surrounded by friends and family and let’s dream the weather is great!  What more could you want?  Fantastic food and drink, that’s what and music festivals have a great selection of different food and drinks to try.
There you go 7 great reasons to enjoy a music festival and if you’ve got the bug why not head on over to see the Buzzstock Line Up for 2022

5 of the best Gift Experiences In Bedfordshire

Money certainly can’t buy happiness but it can buy experiences and that leads to happiness.

A long standing study by Cornell university found that the satisfaction people get from new possessions is fleeting, while memories of things we’ve enjoyed doing grow stronger over time.
The social connections we make whilst out enjoying ourselves have also been shown to be the best path to happiness.

Here is our gift guide to 5 of the best experiences in Bedfordshire


Red Poppies Studios and HappyDashery offer crafting workshops in Leighton Buzzard.  They provide small group workshops in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Try your hand at anything from, painting, jesmonite, papercraft, crocheting and other crafts


We have to mention tickets to our own festival, Buzzstock!  You can look forward to a summer weekend of big hit songs, food and drink, dancing and singing along from the UK’s best tribute acts.
Make memories with friends and family.  Get Tickets

Virtual Flying

Even experienced pilots can enjoy this flight simulator experience but it’s perfect for a bit of fun too.  If you have loved those epic movies where a passenger ends up landing the plane and said “I could do that”, well now you you can have a go.  Step into the exact replica cockpit of a Boeing 737NG or take part in WWII combat at Fly A Flight  https://flyaflightsimulatorexperience.com/


Scrummy Cooking offer workshops for all abilities including making Tapas plus a chocolate gift making session  https://www.scrummycooking.co.uk/

Star Gazing

Dark Sky Telescope Hire offer 1-hour and 2-hour stargazing experience nights from Ivinghoe Beacon near Tring, Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire and Coombe Hill near Wendover.  These laser guided constellation tours can be booked as a couple or family group and vouchers are available. https://www.darkskytelescopehire.co.uk/chilterns-dark-sky-experience

Music Lover Gift Ideas

If you have a music lover in your life and you are struggling for inspiration this Christmas check out our 5 gift ideas for the music lover.

For the Music Maker

Orba  £93
Okay we are starting at the pricier end of gifting but for the budding music maker the Orba instrument does it all.  It’s a bit like a cross between an instrument and a synth but it’s possibilities are endless.  If you have no clue what we are talking about  (no worries we didn’t either),  here is a handy video to explain all

Stocking Filler

Music Playing Cards  £9

At the lower end of the price range these playing cards make a great stocking filler.  Featuring  illustrations of musical greats on each card, it splits up the genres into four suits: Hearts for pop, Spades represents rock, Diamonds for folk and country, and finally Clubs is for soul, blues, and R&B.  https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/music-playing-cards

For the Live Music Lover

Buzzstock Music Festival from £15
We don’t think our list would be complete without mentioning our own tribute festival.  The great thing about gifting tickets to live events is that it has been proven that experience gifts bring more happiness and memories than giving physical gifts.  Buzzstock Music Festival features tributes to the biggest acts and if your giftee is a fan of Indie Rock or the Biggest Hits then Buzzstock is perfect.  Get together with other family members and make a day of it. Get tickets here

For Tech Crazed Bass Lover

Subpac – from £349 
One of the most desired gadgets for music lovers is the Subpac. It is a wearable low-frequency resonating unit. In conjunction with a built-in headphone amp, the SubPac imitates that feeling in the body that can only be generated by a pumping sound system. Not cheap from £349 for the Subpac M2X and they sell out quickly https://uk.subpac.com/products/m2x

Impossible to Buy For

Vinyl Bookends – From £7

Not on the High Street offer a range of personalised gifts that are a little unusual.  We liked these vinyl bookends, they are practical, hit the nostalgia button and come in different sizes and prices.