Could Buzzstock Music Festival Save Your Relationship?

Have you ever heard the phrase “couples who play together stay together”?

Well according to  research tells us that couples who enjoy regular times of fun and relaxation together have a more satisfying, dynamic and fulfilling marriage than those who don’t.

What do we mean by play?  Well you could revert to being a kid and heading to the local park to scale the climbing frame but what it actually means is  time spent having fun and relaxing together. Couples that indulge in recreational activities together report happier relationships and are less likely to separate.

But why is this? Activities enable couples to bond closer, experience positive emotions, have positive experiences, and build memories together.  Planning and going along to shared activities breaks up the monotony of daily life, it gives you something to talk about in the build up and afterwards, plus having fun in each others company reminds you of the person you fell in love with.

So Could Buzzstock Music Festival actually save your relationship? Well we admit it was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek headline but it’s not completely daft?  We’ve already blogged how experiences make us happier than gifts and we also know that singing and dancing together releases endorphins akin to being in love.  With everything we already know about playing together it might actually be a great step to improving your relationship.

How about buying tickets as a Valentine’s Gift.  Romance is sure to be in the air with hit songs like Your Song from Elton John, Take That’s Could It Be Magic or Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are and on both Friday and Saturday Night there’ll be plenty of tracks to take you back to the early days when you only had eyes for each other.

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