The Story of our Brand and a lot of Patience

by Drena

The Name

Did we always know it was going to be called Buzzstock, I’d love to say yes but it took a surprisingly long time to reach our perfect name, obviously based on the original of all music festivals, Woodstock.  We wanted it to reflect our town but we definitely didn’t want Buzzfest (even though people still call it that grrrr!).  It took lot of coffee meetings, the occasional wine meeting and lists and after a particular low point, (Buzzerlicious!!), Buzzstock was born.

The Logo

We were clear on the look we wanted, however, we were not so good at telling anyone else what that was which is where the genius Kate Marriott of Kate Marriott Designs came in.  Bless her patience with us as we showed her widely varied logo types and colour schemes and some how from all of that she arrived at our logo.  It was important to us that we were able to use it in many different ways, that it had elements we could take from it (like our speakers and lightening bolt), that it worked on social media, in print and online and that we had choices of colours so that we could update and change year on year.  Kate delivered all of that by the bucket load.  She worked tirelessly with us until we had everything we needed and we couldn’t be any happier with the results, we love it.

The Website

Logo and image decided it was on to our website.  Obviously website is all about functionality, it is the workhorse of any business, which is probably why our poor web designer, Mike, from Mike Higgins Web Design must have been tearing his hair out when we concentrated on the picture we wanted at the top of the page. Thankfully he steered us back time and again to the ‘what ifs’ and essentials of making this website work for us.  Importantly he grasped our business model immediately and brought his own experience to bear on what our users would require.  Clearly we needed to sell tickets but Mike gave us a lot more, a functioning, adaptable website that could grow and change not only through our first year but on to future years.   The man was saintly in his patience as we messaged “just a thought…”, “we were wondering if…” and throughout gave us clear direction on what effect any of our changes would make to function and customer experience. He also stepped in on a couple of late night emergencies (caused by us!) which is above and beyond the call of duty.  In case you can’t tell we are thrilled with our website but Mike hasn’t got away that easily; we have more plans for 2023!

The Giant Letters

There are some things that you really can’t do without at a festival and for me that is giant letters for a photo opportunity.  It was our first year, budget was limited and I have to say not everyone was as keen as me!  I finally found something that was lightweight enough to be portable and could be finished in any style.  Our 3D polystyrene letters were from  It turns out that if you spray paint polystyrene it dissolves; I’m so glad I did a test!  After a bit of online research I found that you could paint them with Weathershield give a waterproof and more robust surface and then decorate with water-based graffiti spray paints from available in every colour imaginable.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop when they arrived and the coverage was incredible.  Garry made a base for them and I covered it in artifical turf.  They were velcroed onto the top which doesn’t work in windy conditions and kids being kids they picked chunks out of them, so lesson learned, there will be a new plan next year!

We started from an idea and these amazing people and services, with huge amounts of patience, made it a reality and we are very grateful.